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Content Curators

We help people make decisions about what to do IRL

Cobble makes it easier to find, agree on, and do the things you want to do together.

We're starting with answering the question: "What do you want to do tonight?" It's exhausting to figure out how to spend your limited time and money with your favorite people–and that's where we come in.

Our content plays a pivotal role in our decision-making platform. Our users love the curated experiences they gain via our app and we're building our content team to expand experiences past NYC and into new markets. This is where you come in...

As a self-proclaimed 'ITK' type, Content Curators will work to publish content in the Cobble CMS for the app in YOUR city created with Cobble's brand, audience, and app aesthetic in mind.

Reporting to the Head of Content, you will curate weekly collections based on assignments including but not limited to: unknown or exclusive restaurants, bars, events, and activities trending in YOUR town–and Cobblers will come to the app to decide based on your curated content. If you're sitting there reading this and thinking, "This IS me!" then please, keep reading...

Who you are

  • "In the know" in your city, you're the one your friends and family go to for the best spots to go on a date or the newest bottomless brunch. You always know about the hottest restaurants and coolest events, local activities and the things to do around town that are actually worth doing
  • Working knowledge of using a CMS
  • An eye for quality images - basically, you spend a lot of time scrolling and know what looks good and what doesn't
  • Enthusiastic and proactive attitude toward content creation–highly motivated to create, learn, and ask questions
  • Comfortable with autonomy; we’re a remote team + this is an assignment-based gig so we expect you to maintain your schedule to meet all required deadlines
  • Strong knowledge of and passion for your city!

What you'll do

  • Weekly content creation in Cobble CMS based on an assigned category
  • Creating content based on trending and most exclusive/not-so-known spots/events/things to do in your city, including imagery curation
  • Tagging and maintaining cards for the Cobble app
  • Brainstorming and fine-tuning with the content lead based on data + analytics
  • Collaborate on strategy, content creation, and maintenance for your respective city
  • Collaborate with social + marketing team leads to produce and execute supporting content and copy requests
  • Acquire an intimate understanding of the app and how it works
  • Incentive for influencing or referring new app downloads

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