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Android Developer

Using Cobble is like having a personal assistant that will point you and your person towards the best things to do in your city, but like...for free. more Googling, texting, screenshotting, and DMing back and forth, only to end up doing the same old same old.At Cobble, we want you to agree to...agree. The best part of any relationship is spending time with each other doing things that make you happy. We want to help you get there (and fast!) so you can spend less time planning, and skip ahead to the good stuff.

We are excitedly searching for a wonderful React.js developer to join our closeknit team. We hope that's you!


    • React.js The CMS is built entirely using the React.js framework, with the following underlying tools:
    • Router
    • Redux
    • Redux Saga
    • Storybook
    • SCSS
    • Libraries management
    • REST APIs The CMS leverages our custom-built REST API and full proficiency with using such APIs is a must, including but not limited to
      • Requests and responses
      • Token authentication
      • Security basics (CSRF, …)
      • JSON

The back-end itself is not included in the scope of this role.

Additional skillsets:

  • While not required, the following technical proficiencies are good to have, and will need to be learned if not already known.
  • Google Place API Google Place API endpoints are leveraged in the CMS to provide admin users with additional capabilities, such as address formatting.
  • ESLint ESLint is used to keep the code clean, and will be increasingly important as the CMS moves closer to CI/CD pipelines.
  • Docker Docker is used to provide the right environment for the CMS, and basic knowledge of it as well as docker-compose is a plus.
  • AWS Amazon Web Services are used for several key aspects of the CMS, from hosting to logging, and need to be known in order to deploy new versions.
  • Excellent debugging and optimization skill.
  • Well versed in with building UI using XML and custom UI components.
  • Knowledge in Unit Testing.
  • Good written and spoken communication skills

Our Values

Be curious

Ask questions and think critically.

Be a self-starter

Make it happen. Be thrilled to go the extra mile.

Be kind

Follow the golden rule—treat others how you would like to be treated.

Practice spontaneity

New growth stems from excitement, experimentation, and brainstorming. Look for spontaneous collaboration.

Be vocal—in and out of the office

Be an advocate for Cobble wherever you go.

Don’t bury mistakes.

It’s only a problem if only you know it’s a problem.

Diversity is paramount.

We’re as inclusive as the couples who use Cobble and the experiences we recommend.

Act with integrity

What do you do when no one is looking?

Act like an owner

When you graduate from Cobble in 5, 10, 15 years—how is this place different because you were here?

Engage in fearless conversation

Something on your mind? Go to the source. Unsure of something? Be willing to ask for help.

Quality content is queen

What we do, we do well.