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Upper East Side

The NYPL's 16mm Film Series Is The Perfect Low-Key Date Night

  • Drinks
  • Film
  • Food

We think libraries and movies go together like you and yours so head to the Upper East Side branch of the New York Public Library (aka, Webster Library) for the most erudite movie night in the city. The NYPL's 16mm film night series pulls borrowed reels from the Library for Performing Arts’ Reserve Film and Video Collection. You can see all the upcoming screenings here. The NYPL also regularly hosts themed happy hours, so make sure you check their Library After Hours events to see the other events, all of which include music, food, drinks, performances, and behind-the-scenes access to collections.

Once you're through with the film it's time for a prime time meal. Finestra is exactly where the old-timey stars of these films would end up, so that's our pick. This quiet, candlelit trattoria features familiar Italian dishes and the occasional live music. Note, the hand-made umbrellas hanging from the ceiling are definitely worth an Instagram mention.

16mm Film Screenings at NYPL

Webster Library, 1465 York Avenue, Manhattan


1370 York Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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