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East Village

Want To Try Dry January in 2020? We Have A Date To Make It Easy

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Remember the year you tried to do Dry January as a couple, and one of you steadfastly stayed the course, while the other snuck fingers of whiskey after hours? Good news: no matter your status on or off the wagon, 29B Teahouse welcomes teetotalers and revelers alike with their cultivated “air of sobriety.” From house-made sparkling teas so fragrant they could pass for prosecco, to inventive Korean-tea-infused sojus, to the ceremonial-grade matcha whisked into rice-based lager, this Tokyo-style teabar has a libation—alcoholic or non—that is sure to hit the spot. Bonus: be sure to explore a few of owner Stefen Ramirez’s well-curated selection of distinctive teas. Of note is the roasted black soybean tea; with a subtly warm and toasted flavor, the soybeans can also be eaten when you’ve finished brewing.

Since you’re well on your way to achieving the Eastern version of hygge by now, continue to Minca Ramen Factory for soul food, Japanese-style. With an emphasis on Japanese umami, achieved with seaweed, dried bonito, and shiitake mushrooms imported directly from Japan, this ramenya has all the top-knotch offerings, without the hefty price you normally pay for hyped-up noodles. Minca is cash only, so make sure you come prepared. Try the signature half-pork, half-chicken broth, and choose from whole wheat, thin, thick, or wavy noodles.

29B Teahouse

29 Avenue B, Manhattan


536 E 5th Street, Manhattan

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