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East Village

Taiwanese Dinner & Thai Dessert in the East Village

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If you’re craving authentic Taiwanese cuisine (with the added bonus of a contemporary edge), come to 886. This restaurant specializes in classic Taiwanese dishes, like hakka stir fry and danzai noodles, but its visual quirks make it a standout spot for date night. Going all-in on neon (including neon squiggles in the ceiling and a glowing pink sign in the bathroom that simply reads “lit”), nodding to its cultural roots with a stylized mural on the wall, and naming its dishes with the same creative flair showcased in the decor (see: Sausage Party), 866 will no doubt win you over with its unconventional charm. We really recommend their Shaky Fries, a spin on McDonald’s Shaker Fries.

Next, head to Spot Dessert Bar to satisfy your collective sweet tooth. With Thai roots, this homey-chic eatery prides itself on mastering the art of decadent desserts from chef Ian Kittichai. Whether you go for something like The Harvest (it’s cheesecake in a clay pot that’s meant to look like a legit potted plant) or the Golden Toast (a sweet spin on morning toast), you’ll quickly become obsessed. In fact, you’ll especially dig the space itself, with sleek, reclaimed wood furnishings, its rustic, minimalist charm, and synthetic grass to complement its agrarian vibe. They always offer new seasonal desserts, so don’t feel guilty if you make a habit of coming back every few months to see what they’ve added.


26 St Marks Place, Manhattan

Spot Dessert Bar

13 St Marks Place, Manhattan

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