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Borough Park

Hotpot Heaven Meets Dreamy Tea House In Borough Park

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Chinese hotpot heaven awaits at this thriving, all-you-can-eat establishment, where a load of raw meats, vegetables, fungi, noodles, and broths pop and bubble before your eyes (it's called 99 Favor Taste for a reason). Although it’s recommended to opt-in for the Korean BBQ add-on, the hotpot experience is the one you’re here to get messy for. Wear clothes you don’t care for, tie up your aprons and prepare to make the most flavorful concoction you can think of—and if you don’t like it, there’s nothing stopping you from heading over to Station 1 and starting again. Pro-tip: make a reservation, or else you’ll be standing in a mass crowd to wait for a table.

After all that razzle-dazzle of a hotpot feast, head over to Prince Tea House to settle down. This dreamy location, complete with sparkling chandeliers and fine china, serves up a variety of relaxing teas and all kinds of dessert, like green tea crepes, molten lava cake, custard pudding, and more. But if we had to choose, we'd say get the waffles.

99 Favor Taste

732 61st Street, Brooklyn

Prince Tea House

6122 7th Avenue, Brooklyn

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