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The Best of Portuguese Food, Drink, and Music, All in One Night in Jamaica

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Do you remember that friend or two whose house you loved visiting for dinner, 'cause the food was so different than what your parents would make at home? A Churrasqueira offers that same at-home vibe—if your friend’s family happened to be Portuguese. Stepping inside, you’ll feel instantly welcome; far from fancy, the space is warm, intimate, and casual, just like a well-decorated living room. But the menu is where A Churrasqueira earns its stripes; dishes like fried shrimp in garlic sauce, meat and seafood skewers, and veal stew will leave you so satisfied, you might have to waddle home.

And what’s better than a delicious Portuguese meal? Popping right next door to a delicious Portuguese tapas and sangria bar for a strong and on-theme finish to the night. Locals adore Sangria for its affordable late-night small plates, warm service, and great atmosphere (live jazz on Wednesday's!). Don't leave before test-tasting the Catalan crème brûlée.

A Churrasqueira

95-29 Sutphin Boulevard, Queens


95-41 Sutphin Blvd, Queens

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