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Enter This Speakeasy Inspired By Game Bars in Hong Kong Through a Coca-Cola Vending Machine

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  • Games

Ajisen is a great spot for those both new and incredibly familiar with ramen, making it a solid place for ra-boys to become ra-men (sorry not sorry!). The decor is simple as is the menu, which offers a few choices of ramen and a smattering of appetizers. Your spicy lover might enjoy the Beef Sukiyaki, and the Tom Yum broth is great if your vibe is more tangy and creamy. The best part of their menu is their saki selection, which has not only traditional hot sake but fruit-flavored jelly sakes that come in colorful cans.

Slide into anonymity at Chinatown speakeasy, Basement. Modeled after game bars in Hong Kong, this subterranean bar has dim lighting, minimalist chic tables, and plenty of games. Alongside beer pong and darts are electronic tables running all kinds of dice games so you can get way too competitive as the night goes on. Their cocktail menu is a bit pricey but unique, with cocktails like Layover in Hanoi made with Vietnamese coffee, the HK Milk Punch that is sure to please bubble tea enthusiasts, and the 5 Spiced Life. They also have a solid beer selection if that’s more your speed. You'll feel especially cool when you first enter, since it's through a Coca-Cola vending machine facade.

Ajisen Ramen

14 Mott Street, Manhattan

The Basement

45 Mott Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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