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You'll Want To Order Everything On The Menu At This Italian Spot In Bushwick

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Sometimes you go to dinner with full intentions of being a respectable person and ordering one appetizer and one entree each. What happens instead is everything on the menu sounds fantastic, and every time a server walks by with food for another table, you and your S.O. realize you want that too. Before you know it, you’ve ordered half the menu and you’re surrounded by pork belly, octopus on black rice, mafaldine, agnolotti, and an extra order or two of sunchokes and asparagus. Welcome to Ammazzacaffe. This isn’t your average neighborhood Italian joint, because coming here has the same effect as entering a Homegoods or TJ Maxx—you feel a compulsive need to get everything. The difference, though, is you will not come to regret ordering and finishing all the pastas here the way you realize you did not, in fact, need a second set of wall sconces for your entryway.

Take your doggy bags to go and wander over to Tuffet, a cozy wine bar that’s always packed with Brooklynites who love a good glass of red. Serving primarily European wines, Tuffet also offers a wide array of artisanal meats and cheeses. Head out to the back patio with your cocktails or digestifs, and enjoy the fairy lights and your food coma underneath the stars.


702 Grand Street, Brooklyn   


286 Grand Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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