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Why Our Wicked Lady and Arrogant Swine Make A Great Pair

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Is it just us, or is the "huge, once empty warehouses that are now spaces for amazing bars, music venues and more" trend really becoming the norm around here? Our Wicked Lady has rehearsal spaces and artists’ studios to support musicians and artists of all kinds, but their 1,300-square foot rooftop bar and performance space is why we’re telling you about it. Check out their upcoming events lineup here. Check out Thursdays for the Cause — a pretty cool thing they do to help different organizations.

Fill up before a night of hip-swaying and head-bopping at Arrogant Swine, a North Carolina-style BBQ spot. Order the smoked pork shoulder or the ribs, and don't skip out on their mustard—it's delicious. They slow smoke an entire pig all day, so it'll be super tender when it gets to your plate. We promise we didn't mean to put "arrogant swine" and "our wicked lady" together—but hey, maybe they'd make a great couple.

Arrogant Swine

173 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn

Our Wicked Lady

153 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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