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Ever Had New Zealand Food? Now You Can At The Musket Room.

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Artists & Fleas Soho location is just as addictive as their Chelsea and Williamsburg locations. Seek out some of our favorite vendors like Soap for Sinners (upgrade your next shower together), Nodá Design Studio (awesome laser-cut home accessories) Curated Basics (watches, ties & more for the guys) and Mo You (amazing nail art for the ladies).

Then, we’re sending you to New Zealand for dinner. The Musket Room is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Nolita that serves authentic New Zealand fare in a rustic yet upscale environment. What is New Zealand fare you ask? Think cod with brussels and New Zealand red deer. If you’re really feeling adventurous, go for their (well worth the pretty penny) tasting menus. There’s a short story ($85/person) and long story ($150/person) tasting menu, and both will leave you stunned. They also have a 24-page drinks menu, so maybe ask your server for a recommendation. Cocktails are half-priced Monday-Friday from 5-7 p.m. Request a table in their backyard garden for the ultimate ~date night vibes~.

Artists & Fleas

490 Broadway, Manhattan

The Musket Room

265 Elizabeth Street, Manhattan

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