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Herring and Squid and Octopus! Oh My!

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Astoria Coffee is run by a couple of love birds, so what better way is there to begin date night? This adorable cafe grew out of a whole bean delivery service. It’s a cozy, minimalist space with bold splashes of color and art all over the walls. They have an amazing collection of coffee from all over the country, so taste-test your way through samples from all of their many roasters (just be wary of overdoing it on the coffee buzz).

Once you’ve gotten your coffee fix, make your way over to Akrotiri for some upscale Greek cuisine. Loved by the locals, Akrotiri has owner Chris Kouvaros and Chef Nicholas Poulmentis pulling the strings. They whip up a predominantly seafood-centric menu, including highlights like Taramas Lava Me Trufa (black taramasalata, herring roe, truffles, and squid ink) and Htapodokeftedes (fried octopus balls) in a bright atmosphere with quirky Edison pendant lights serving as a notable centerpiece over the bar. For dessert, try the Mosaiko—assuming you’re as obsessed with Greek chocolate biscuits and mousse as we are.

Astoria Coffee

30-04 30th Street, Astoria


29-20 30th Avenue, Astoria

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Like what you see?

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