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You Choose The Fish & They Cook It The Way You Want At This Astoria Restaurant

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Choose Astoria Seafood for dinner because their method of serving food harkens back to another time. And we’re all about trying new (old) things. The way it works is you and yours will walk around and pick whichever fish looks most appealing to you, and they’ll grill it/prepare it however you’d like. It’s about as no-frills as it gets, and it’s exactly how Joseph Mitchell describes Hugh G. Flood, the “mayor of the fish market” who believes he’ll live to 115 on this strict and strange diet, in his 1944 New Yorker essay.

After you eat your life-elixir fish, stop for a drink at nearby Veronica’s. It’s a family-oriented, very neighborhood-y bar, and if you’re so inclined, you can probably have a chat with the owner, Veronica herself. Cheers, Wednesday.

Astoria Seafood

3710 33rd Street, Long Island City

Veronica’s Bar

3404 36th Avenue, Astoria

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Like what you see?

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