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Enjoy A Michelin-Starred Meal at atera Before Drinking At Tiny's, Open Since 1910

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Tonight, prepare to get fancy—starting with atera. This two star Michelin restaurant is a multicourse masterpiece in the heart of Tribeca offering an upscale and constantly evolving New American tasting menu (the set price per person is $275). The elegant gastronomy is perfectly complemented by the restaurant’s upscale ambiance, with a stark black and leather aesthetic, a sleek, and an open concept kitchen surrounded by an edged horseshoe bar top. This is a genuinely unparalleled sensory experience (running at around two and a half hours long, which you should keep in mind when making reservations).

After dinner, head over to Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs. This little pink townhouse has been open since 1910 and is decorated with pieces dating back over 100 years. With a deliberately unpolished aesthetic (see: mismatched tin plate ceiling, weathered plastered walls), and a well-placed neon sign to contrast the vintage, European bistro atmosphere, Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs is the perfect, low-key destination for capping off an otherwise upscale evening. It’s a romantic slice of history in the heart of New York City with old-school quirk to spare.


77 Worth Street, Manhattan

Tiny's & The Bar Upstairs

135 West Broadway, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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