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East Village

Broaden Your Horizons with Exquisite Vegan Food and a Sophisticated Nightcap

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When it comes to vegan dining, we’ve come a long way since the days of wheatgrass shots and lettuce salads. Ravi DeRossi’s vegan fine-dining restaurant Avant Garden is proof that cruelty-free can be quite chichi. The owner of Mother of Pearl, Mayahuel, Amor Y Amargo, and Cienfuegos has had a steady hit on his hands in Avant Garden, where the tapas-inspired menu offers an inventive new take on vegan cuisine. The menu is split into toasts, cold courses, and hot courses, and each dish—like the Hen of the Woods Mushrooms with Kohlrabi and Pickled Hon Shimeji—aims to celebrate and showcase the depth and brightness of vegetables. We dig, and judging by their reservations list, so does the rest of New York.

We love that dinners like these leave us pleasantly satisfied but not overly full, which means we can still enjoy a night out after dessert. Head to Big Bar, snag one of the five black vinyl booths, and settle in for a night that involves sipping scotch and catching up with your person over low lights and old blues.

Avant Garden

130 East 7th Street, Manhattan

Big Bar

75 East 7th Street, Manhattan

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