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East Village

Ethiopian Food To Rave About in the East Village

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Awash is one of our favorite Ethiopian spots in the city. It's definitely the kind of restaurant to try out if you're in a "pizza or sweet green?" rut. For beginners: get the combo. For a base, choose Yebeg Alicha (aka lamb, everyone’s favorite). Then pick three veggies. We personally love the collard greens, split peas and beets, but we promise you cannot go wrong. Also, definitely order the honey wine.

Next, head to Boilermaker—a retro bar nearby for kitschy drinks and weeknight conversation. The drinks are great, and the food is solid if you’re not totally stuffed from Awash. Late night apple pie pancakes anyone? And if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t leave without trying one of their beer and shot combos.


338 E 6th Street, Manhattan


13 1st Avenue, Manhattan

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