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East Village

Chopped Fans Will Love This Indian Food With A New York Twist

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  • Food

When you and your partner are looking to eat Indian food somewhere a little bit more chic than, say, your bed, head to Baar Baar. This Indian restaurant masters chic meets industrial with unfinished concrete floors, and funky murals and lighting. With food pitched as authentic Indian through a New York filter, they serve up traditional dishes with upgraded flavors for the Chopped obsessed: there’s Indian sourdough bread stuffed with truffles, chicken tikka adorned with walnut crumbs, and spiced cauliflower served in a mousse. They also have a number of reinvented cocktails to try, including the New Delhi Sour.

Tom & Jerry’s may not have a cat and mouse running around pulling hijinks, but unlike the cartoon from your memory it offers hip and laid back vibes. This spot is more a rustic-neighborhood bar than a dive bar, with decent wooden benches, a long bar, and sparse taxidermy on the walls. For the neighborhood, it’s notoriously unbothered so you can grab a drink here with your date in peace. Along with a good list of beers, they have creative cocktails, including an entire list of mules that goes beyond the Dark & Stormy.

Baar Baar

13 East 1st Street, Manhattan

Tom & Jerry’s

288 Elizabeth Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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