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Little Italy

Mini Euro Trip! Treat Yourself to a True Parisian Dinner Followed by Equally Authentic Italian Dessert

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Classic French bistros are exactly right for romantic evenings, and at Balthazar, you and your love can expect just that. Red leather booths, bubbles of warm light, and classic black-and-white tile set the scene for a decadent spread of quintessential French faves like steak frites, escargots, moules frites, and onion soup gratinée. Always bustling and famed for its Parisian authenticity, a date here is as enchanting as a date in France—superb, thoughtfully-executed food, refined service, dim lighting, and a plate of pommes frites to smile over and share.

When your little trip to Paris is over, transport yourselves over to Italy—Little Italy, that is—for some perfectly sweet and religiously authentic pastries at Caffe Roma, open since 1891. As you sit in one of their ornate chairs under a deep green ceiling, there’s no doubt you and your person will be treated to the most melt-in-your-mouth tiramisu you’ve ever had. Fluffy layers of dough and a sensuous filling creates the perfect ratio of crunchy to creamy in their cannolis—and at the length of a hotdog, they’re definitely a treat you’ll want to share. With a quiet, serene atmosphere made for relishing, it's a flawless finish to your mini Euro trip.


80 Spring Street, Manhattan

Caffe Roma

176 Mulberry Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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