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Fort Greene

Take Movie Night on the Town at this Theater and Nearby Low-Key Spot in Fort Greene

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We're all about Netflix and chill, but sometimes it feels really great to go see a movie in theaters. One of our favorites being BAM's movie theater in Fort Greene. You can be sure they're playing the cream of the crop in the film world—just pick and choose what works for your low-key date night. Check their calendar here.

Nearby is No. 7—a candlelit, low-key restaurant and bar with excellent sandwiches that pair perfectly with well-produced cinema. We recommend you go with the double-decker broccoli tacos and the fried chicken sandwich and split. We love that they have Four and Twenty Blackbird Pie on their dessert menu too. Grabbing a glass at their large bar isn't a half bad idea either. Plus, we generally love the smart crowd here.

BAM Movie Night

30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn

No. 7

7 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn

Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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