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Greenwich Village

Save Room For Delicious Dessert After a Healthy Dinner in Greenwich Village

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Banter is the kind of place where if you walk by it, and you weren’t planning on entering, you feel kinda shitty seeing everyone else looking so happy and New York-like (even though this is a place run by Australians). It's a casual spot to eat healthy, trendy, and beautiful food down a quiet street in Greenwich Village. Getting a table at brunch is near impossible, but we think dinnertime there is totally underrated. The only thing better at brunch is the lighting for Instagram. Go when you felt like cooking but then got too hangry.

After dinner, because you deserve a treat for having a healthy dinner, we recommend picking up something sweet at Pasticceria Rocco (more lovingly referred to as "Rocco's" by neighborhood folk)—a bakery famed for its oversized cake and almond cookies. Whatever you order, make sure it’s paired with one of their exquisite cappuccinos.


169 Sullivan Street, Manhattan

Pasticceria Rocco

243 Bleecker Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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