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East Village

Slurp Guaranteed Good Pasta, Then Drink Moscow Mules At A Trendy Hotel Bar

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Load up on carbs at Bar Primi where everyone speaks the universal language of pasta. This is a great place to dine after a busy day at work stole your lunch hour and your stomach has been growling for hours. In other words, come hungry, just like Nonna would want. The vibe is low-key and chic, and most definitely intimate enough for a romantic meal. Prices are on the higher end, but the menu is shareable AF, and perhaps you two can Lady & the Tramp it up.

After the meal and hopefully some digestion, make your way to Café Standard, a cute, patio-optional bar. While the interior of the café bar is beautiful, we highly suggest taking advantage of the outdoor plaza, heated and available even during the winter months. This place has a really relaxed atmosphere but keeps the classiness you’d expect from a hip, boutique establishment like The Standard. It’s a great spot for people watching and serves one of the best Moscow Mules in all of Manhattan (deemed Pennydrop on its menu).

Bar Primi

325 Bowery, Manhattan

Café Standard

25 Cooper Square, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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