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Go Modern with New-school Italian Fare and Craft Drinks in Gowanus

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Tonight, go new-school Italiano at Bar Tano. This classy trattoria in Gowanus is furnished with intricately-detailed tin-plated steel walls, thick, rustic wood accents, and black frame mirrors to spare. That said, the main draw is the food. Between their pasta nero (with black squid ink tagliolini, shrimp, chorizo, grape tomato, asparagus, and basil), pesche (grilled peaches with sheep’s milk ricotta, hazelnuts, and balsamic reduction) and carciofi (speck-wrapped artichoke heart with robiola cheese and spicy honey), Bar Tano proves that authentic Italian cuisine and a modern Brooklyn influence go hand-in-hand. If you don’t top off your meal with some bourbon vanilla gelato or olive oil lemon cake, regret will haunt you like a dark cloud.

After dinner, take a stroll over to The Owl Farm for some craft drinks. With a general hipster quality cranked up to 11, allow yourselves to indulge in their low-key but deliberately bare-bones aesthetic—with a striped plaster wall bar-backdrop covered in pencil sketches, the occasional patch of exposed bricks, and an overall warm but raw ambiance. The Owl Farm offers a long list of beer, wine, cider, and spirits with standouts including Barrier Kickin' Knowledge Milkshake IPA, Jacks Abby Franconian Kraft, and Ransom Sweet Vermouth. Be sure to try their dessert beer and cider (with the standouts being Orleans Bitter and 2013 Julien Thurel Cydromel). Just make certain to hop onto one of their pinball machines before they’re mobbed by some fellow patrons.

Bar Tano

457 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

The Owl Farm

297 9th Street, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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