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An Absinthe Fountain, A Gothic Chandelier, & A Stand-Up Piano Walk Into A Bar...

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Baron’s is a cool, cool place to eat dinner in Bed-Stuy. The seating is made out of old church pews and we think that tells you all you need to know. It feels as if you’ve just stepped into a turn of the century restaurant—even the script on the menu feels old-timey. And speaking of the menu, most entrees are under $20 but feel like they could easily be at that $32-34 range and it’s very much farm-to-table. You can even see the vegetables they grow on site right outside the front door.

Nearby, Project Parlor is the natural next step on this journey back in time. They have great music (they regularly host DJs), an absinthe fountain, a Gothic chandelier, a stand-up piano, and a fireplace. Get cozy, because more than anything, this place has a romantic vibe, and it's awesome for date night.


564 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

Project Parlor

742 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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