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East Village

Try To Guess What A Date At 'Beetle House' and 'Burp Castle' Is Like

  • Drinks
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If you're feeling Halloweeny, head to Beetle House, the East Village restaurant and bar based off of your favorite Halloween flick, Beetlejuice. This isn't your regular "themed" spot with funky, re-created decor; what really sets Beetle House apart are the live characters from the film who interact with you throughout your experience. From the drinks to the menu items, if you love creepy, you'll love Beetle House.

And because we wanted to pair dinner with something equally as strange, we chose Burp Castle for your nightcap. Self-proclaimed "Temple of Beer Worship", Burp Castle is a truly unique gem with a monk-like/royal atmosphere and conversation-starting murals on the walls. Their tap list changes every time a keg kicks, and the bar tenders (and patrons!) will shush you if you get too loud.

Beetle House

308 East 6th Street, Manhattan

Burp Castle

41 East 7th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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