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Long Island City

Everything on Bellwether’s Menu Is Farm-Fresh, Down to Its Cocktails

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Bellwether’s menu features a variety of dishes prepared with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. Every food item speaks to the restaurant's farm-fresh ethos, from the grilled fava beans to the seared octopus and the cornish hen. Wash it all down with something tasty from this place’s creative cocktail menu — the cool down with vodka and kale juice, matcha, egg white, lemon and the sweet taste of Demerara syrup sounds pretty perfect to us.

After dinner, you’ll move somewhere more intimate with a visit to a Long Island City secret gem, Domaine bar a vins (Domaine Wine Bar). Here, you’ll find locals enjoying casual conversation with the sounds of live music in the background. It’s the kind of spot that’s ideal for sharing a fine bottle of wine and after-dinner cheese plate, and if you’re in the mood, the oysters are the right aphrodisiac to help you wrap up the evening.


47-25 Vernon Boulevard, Queens

Domaine bar a vins

50-04 Vernon Boulevard, Queens

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Like what you see?

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