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West Village

There Is An Unassumingly Quiet Bar In The West Village After All

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  • Food

Share a couple of small and spicy Afro-Caribbean dishes at Berber Street Foods, where tender and flavorful meet in every plate. Within an aura of warmth and an intimate space, you and your person can enjoy a meal that may introduce you to new spices and flavor profiles.

While the plates at Berber Street Food are delectable, the small portions may leave you with room for more. Cue Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar, with a generous selection of upscale appetizers and an expert assortment of wines. And the bar is bound to be quiet and unassumingly private, which is kind of nice actually. It’s a small oasis that never gets too loud.

Berber Street Food

35 Carmine Street, Manhattan

Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar

34 Downing Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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