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Upper West Side

Unfortunately Frank Mac's Pub Has No Affiliation With 'It's Always Sunny'

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For your dinner, it’s all about Italy. Bettola is an Upper West Side trattoria with a wood-burning oven, live piano performances (sometimes from their own Chef Vlado), and a charismatic buzz complementing the classic Italian aesthetic, exposed brick walls, and comfy-as-hell leather booths. As you might imagine, the food is just as tasty as the vibe, with Italian dishes like the red wine & beer-infused Drunken Cow stew and the Southern-inspired penne jambalaya being their must-eats.

For your nightcaps, it’s all about Ireland. Frank Mac’s Pub is as down-to-earth as a low-key dive bars get, but without any trademark dive bar grime. In fact, this Irish pub is winter-appropriate cozy, with a dimly-lit atmosphere, TVs for all you casual sports enthusiasts, and the traditional bar food that speaks for itself (no-frills familiarity can be a good thing, people). We recommend doing the Irish influence proud and ordering a Guinness (or doing that order one better and toasting to love with an Irish Car Bomb). And, no, as far as we can tell, this place has no affiliation with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, despite the perfect name.


412 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

Frank Mac's Pub

425 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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