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Fort Greene

Visit a Cafe with Delicious Treats and an Upscale Mediterranean Restaurant in Fort Greene

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Don’t let a line deter you and your person from seeking some sweetness, warmth, and liquid energy at BitterSweet, a popular and down-to-earth cafe that serves perfectly balanced coffee, exquisite little sweets, and a famed homemade almond milk. Although there’s bound to be a small crowd, it’s not just the popularity—narrow and bright, there are few seats and little space, but if you manage to snag some, it’s def the kind of adorable enclave that just perfect for snuggling. Warm up over the best chai latte of your life, pair it with delectably eclectic Hibiscus Donuts or gooey chocolate chip cookies, and make sure you both order with almond milk for that homemade smooth, sweet, and creamy goodness.

There are lots of places for good hummus in the city, but a place that makes actually great hummus is a real rarity. Thankfully, you can find that at upscale Mediterranean joint Miss Ada, which boasts five types to go with its stellar pita. Dark woodwork shapes the invitingly warm space, while an airy feel surrounds the tables with bowls and platters of topnotch baba ganoush, halloumi and falafel. It’s the perfect arrangement for sharing small plates, with dishes like Whipped Ricotta with brown butter, honey, and sage adding a subtle sweet kick to the savory spread of pickled vegetables, crispy kebabs, housemade Labne, and octopus served with eggplant puree and charred peppers. You’ll love the many opportunities to lift the exotically flavorful delicacies into each other’s mouths as you share this fabulously modern array of Mediterranean fare.


180 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

Miss Ada

184 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

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