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Midtown West

If You've Wanted To Go To The Theater While Also Drinking A Lot, We've Got The Experience For You

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Bocca di Bacco is indeed an Italian restaurant in midtown, but we'd like to think it's more of a Flatiron kind of girl at heart. Read: this is good, solid Italian food. Everything is candlelit and date-y, and it feels more like a wine bar with food. And drink up, because the main event up next guarantees you three more cocktails along with your ticket.

A Spirited History of Drinking is the latest from the “let’s drink and watch theater at the same time” Imbible group at New World Stages. The show will take you through alcohol’s 10,000-year history across the globe. Mix that with the vocal stylings of The Backwaiters acapella group, and you're in for a night of good old-timey fun, they way folks did it back when there were no iPhones, Netflix and VR to entertain us.

Bocca di Bacco

828 9th Avenue, Manhattan

A Spirited History of Drinking

New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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