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East Village

Feel Fancy at an Invitation-only Fusion Restaurant and Sake Speakeasy

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We don’t know your couple's origin story, but we know a thing or two about one partner playing the long game while the other plays hard to get. Bohemian is like the restaurant version of the latter, as the exclusive Japanese restaurant is known for being members-only. To get in, you’ll need to get a referral or their phone number from a friend who has previously dined there. If you don’t know anyone, check out Bohemian’s website where you should be able to try emailing them for an invitation. Once you’re in, you’ll find that your efforts were worth it for the culinary love affair you’re about to have. The food is a blend of American, French, and Japanese fare (like washu-beef short rib sashimi, foie gras sushi with aged balsamic, or frozen yuzu mousse), and there’s a $55 tasting menu on offer if you’d prefer to sample and savor your options.

Keep your cool after dinner and head underground to Sake Bar Decibel. Head down a rickety flight of stairs into New York’s own Little Toyko, where this subterranean hangout gives off major speakeasy vibes. With over 100 sakes available and a mission to bring Japanese sake culture stateside, let Sake Bar Decibel and their knowledgeable waitstaff serve up a rice wine to your liking—whether warmed, chilled, served straight up, or shaken saketini-style.


57 Great Jones Street, Manhattan

Sake Bar Decibel

240 East 9th Street, Manhattan

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