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Sip Simplistic Cocktails While Surrounded by Bosoms at This Boob-Themed Bar in Bushwick

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Though the neon sign behind the bar tells patrons to “f*** off,” don’t worry—you’re still totally welcome. Littered with fixtures, photos, and art pieces of the female bosom (if you look up, you’ll see that they are everywhere), the “boobie” theme at Boobie Trap is quite literal. Definitely make time to chat with co-owners Kristen North and/or Paul King about their inspiration for the the design, which is wild to say the least. So, while you sip back some drinks to kick off the evening, you two will definitely have plenty of conversation pieces around you. Just don’t ask for anything too fancy as this establishment was designed with the intention to break away from over-complicated modern mixology.

Once you’ve loosened up with some simplistic libations, head over to Lucy’s Kitchen for dinner. This restaurant is small but adorable, and the flavors elevate traditional Vietnamese fare. While you may have to fight someone for a seat (don’t actually, though), Head Chef Johnny Huynh has concocted some delish interpretations of pho, banh mi, and fresh summer rolls with his 14-hour smoked brisket. What’s more is that VICE even shot a mini documentary celebrating Huynh’s homegrown creation.

Boobie Trap

308 Bleecker Street, Brooklyn

Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen

262 Irving Avenue, Brooklyn

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