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Fort Greene

Set Sail for Carribean Fare Followed by an Exploration of Germany through Beer

  • Drinks
  • Food

With some quirky decor inspired by its Caribbean roots (see: its tropical entrance, rustic bar dressed in old-school knick-knacks—like vintage firearms and amber glass bottles—and eclectic local wall art), the standout at Brooklyn Moon is the food. Considering the laid-back setting and standout menu options like deep-fried bacon-wrapped plantains and curry mussels, this restaurant does the Caribbean proud.

After dinner, head down the block to Black Forest Brooklyn, where you’ll switch from Caribbean influence to all-things-German. With a massive, open-concept layout complemented by reclaimed wood partitions, a skylight revealing their rooftop garden, and stylized portraits representing the cultural roots of Black Forest’s married owners, this trendy beer garden is more than a little proud of its German beer selection. Sizes come in a half liter, liter, and two-liter (aka literally a giant glass boot). Pair your glass boot with their Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (a Black Forest cherry gateau) for dessert.

Brooklyn Moon

745 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Black Forest Brooklyn

733 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

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