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Catch An Underrated Concert At Brooklyn Steel In Williamsburg

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Nhà Minh, a super-casual, no-frills cafe that offers authentic Vietnamese-American options, puts the spotlight on “big” breakfast bowls, which are still available (and totally acceptable) at night. Also, while you’re munching down on smoked Vietnamese ham, egg, veggies, and the grain-of-the-day, check out their small, but impressive, abstract art exhibition.

Next, prepare for a change of pace and catch a live concert at Brooklyn Steel. You can be sure the lineup is on-point, but we love the venue more than anything for its underrated feel. This warehouse-style venue has a kind of raw, underground flair, making the experience feel low-key and exclusive. See their full calendar here. You can even do a little research on the band (and add them to your Spotify playlist) before you see them live here.

Brooklyn Steel

319 Frost Street, Brooklyn

Nhà Minh

485 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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