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Leave Your Fear At The Door: You're Going to House of Love

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If the sight of a severed fish head on your plate scares you, then leave your fear at the door, because Bunker Vietnamese will do this evening justice. Tonight is about giving into temptation (you’ll see why in a moment), so spice things up with some homestyle Vietnamese street food in Bushwick. Pro-tip: their blueberry lemongrass Pilot Kombucha makes the trip worth the travel.

Then, after you’ve given the server your payment, give yourself over to temptation. House of YES has transformed into the House of Love, hosting an intimate foray into all-things-passionate. And yes, you’ll need a costume to get in (and *fit in*). Featuring aphrodisiac performances, a sensual strip club, a dungeon of desire and more, photos are certainly not allowed. Tickets run between $20 and $40, depending on how early you purchase them. Check their calendar here to find the next House of Love show.

Bunker Vietnamese

99 Scott Avenue, Brooklyn

House of Love

2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

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