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Pizza Just Got A Delish Balkan Twist At This Ridgewood Haunt

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  • Food

New York may be known for its pizza, but Burek’s Pizza in Ridgewood is changing the game. This Balkan pizza joint is a no-frills hidden gem that isn’t even technically a pizza joint. They serve savory pies, bureks, that are made up of flaky crusts stuffed with cheese and spinach (and meat, if you so choose), cut in triangular slices a la traditional pizza. They're cheap, they're massive, and they're filling as fuck.

Once you finish your burek, top off the evening at The Bad Old Days, which essentially feels like an extension of your ideal living room. The drinks are also on point, with a House Punch that's different every time we come back.

Burek's Pizza

6857 Forest Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens

The Bad Old Days

1684 Woodbine Street, Ridgewood, Queens

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Like what you see?

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