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Midtown West

A Hidden Burger Joint Inside A Fancy Hotel & A Wild Bar

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Tonight begins at The Parker. Walk through the red, velvet-curtained and ornate lobby, on the lookout along the wall for a small hallway with a very nondescript sign for Burger Joint (hint: there's also usually a line right by it). Then go through a curtain around the corner and be transported from upscale hotel lobby to dive-y hidden burger shack. Wait in line and review the instructions on how to order—they are very specific about how you ask for your burger and it's cash only. Still, you'll be willing to fall in line in exchange for a fresh, hot burger made just the way you want it in a secret little hole in the wall in the middle of Manhattan. Look at the scribblings on the walls to see some signatures from celebrities.

Barcelona Bar is the party spot you need to continue the night. They offer over 100 inventive shots like Full Metal Jacket (where you have to “put a helmet on and brace yourself?”), the Harry Potter (your classic crazy flaming shot — remember, do not drink it until it’s extinguished!) and our personal favorite, Jedi’s — two shots for Luke and Darth Vader, or, as we like to take it, you and your love. Note: come here when you’re ready to have a wild night out and park your inhibitions at the door.

Burger Joint

119 West 56th Street, Manhattan

Barcelona Bar

923 8th Avenue, Manhattan

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