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Upper West Side

Eat All The Mediterranean Food At Bustan on the Upper West Side

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First, get the night off to a vibrant start at Bustan, a hip Mediterranean eatery on the Upper West Side. This colorful and contemporary locale whips up some exciting takes on classic Mediterranean cuisine, like lamb terracotta (we love that it’s baked in a flaky bread dome) and a falafel basket that one-ups its tahini with a ridiculously good pickled mango sauce. And, to top things off, its decor matches the flavor to a T. Everything from its cowhide stools to its glowing sun-inspired wall fixtures complement Bustan’s vivid mosaic of flavors exquisitely. If you’re as obsessed with donuts as we are, then you’ll need to order to the Sfinj for dessert. They’re Moroccan donuts that come with three different dipping sauces.

After dinner, head to E’s Bar. With a stylized vibe similar to Bustan, this bar is different in its devil-may-care atmosphere. Its colorful, industrial aesthetic comes courtesy of its brick walls and tufted red leather booths, a leather partition plastered in stickers that leads to the bathroom, and a massive neon sign that aptly reads: “BAR.” That said, when it comes to the drinks, the menu is always changing, so consider their signature cocktails a constant surprise.


487 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

e’s Bar

511 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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