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Color Factory In Soho Is An Epic Creative Sensory Experience

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First, let’s eat. Café Altro Paradiso narrows in on the best elements of Italian cuisine within a minimalist setting. With industrial-inspired lighting, a massive floor-to-ceiling wine rack, and a mix of marble and wood tabletops, this is not your typical Italian bistro. You’ll be glad to know that that same attention to detail extends to its meticulous plating—whether you’re going for something as classic as their lasagnette or as unique as their cherries-based crudo di tonno.

After dinner, contrast the neutral palette of Café Altro Paradiso with the Color Factory’s explosion of, well, color. In this 20,000 square foot space in SoHo, the Color Factory invites you and yours to take an imaginative dive into sensory experience courtesy of a massive roster of contributing artists. The entire space is decked out in colorful installations collected from around the city that encourage a wide range of interactivity. Just keep in mind that the exhibit takes roughly an hour to walk through and ends at 11 p.m. Note: you can’t buy tickets at the door, unfortunately, so definitely plan ahead for this one.

Café Altro Paradiso

234 Spring Street, Manhattan

Color Factory

251 Spring Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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