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Sweet Treats in Williamsburg for the Perfect Sunday Morning

  • Dessert
  • Food

Start your day off with brunch at the adorable Cafe Colette. This restaurant has an eclectic, vintage feel with a greenhouse-esque patio in the back. Classics are dressed up to be their best, and they also have a number of creative coffee drinks, including a cold brew ~float~ with vanilla gelato.

After brunch, take your person on a stroll over to Kahkow, the Brooklyn outpost of a chocolate shop that has a successful chain of stores in the Dominican Republic. The chocolate bars are made from cacao grown on a family farm, so it’s guaranteed to be rich, luscious, and high quality. In addition to selling these treats, the shop also has other baked goods, coffee, and (of course) hot chocolate, so you can grab a seat and let yourself sink into a Willy Wonka type of bliss.

Cafe Colette

79 Berry Street, Brooklyn


97 N 10th Street, Space 1G, Brooklyn

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Like what you see?

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