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Midtown West

The New York Public Library Is Over 100 Years Old And As Beautiful As Ever

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Today, you're going to a bakery that takes as much enjoyment from making pastries, as it does in eating them. The original bakery started in 2000 in Queens (aka Pain D’Avignon) and has been serving many eateries around the city for nearly 20 years. At this brick and mortar iteration of Cafe D'avignon, they serve Stumptown coffee and decadent af pastries. You're welcome

Named one of the world’s greatest libraries, with its Beaux-Arts architecture style, the flagship New York Public Library has symbolized the democratic ideal of open access to knowledge since it opened in 1911. Explore the halls or take a tour at 11 am or 2 pm daily, except Sundays (2 pm only). One of our favorite places to visit is the Rose Reading Room, a huge hall reserved for ~silence.~ There are not many places in Midtown NYC where you’ll find that.

Cafe D'Avignon

485 7th Avenue, Ground Floor, Manhattan

New York Public Library

476 5th Avenue, Manhattan

Like what you see?


Like what you see?

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