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Slurp Boozy Slushies after Chomping on Grilled Corn

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Start your night in close quarters at the cozy Café Habana. This iconic locale has been a Nolita mainstay since 1998. It’s a teeny place, where you and yours will almost definitely have to wait outside for 45 minutes, people watching until your table is ready. Trust us, it’s worth it for the grilled corn—their house specialty—alone. And really, the closer the quarters, the cozier the date, right?

Then, transition to the lounge space, Mother’s Ruin, for bespoke cocktails. From the cerulean exterior to the mismatched chandeliers, and homey lamps sprouting from the exposed-brick wall, there’s nothing uninviting about this gin joint—where bespoke cocktails and boozy slushies are the name of the game. And, the perfect partner for a drunk slushy? Why, the house’s flawlessly seasoned waffle fries, of course.

Café Habana

17 Prince Street, Manhattan

Mother's Ruin

18 Spring Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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