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A Trendy Night In Nolita Filled With Old-School Vibes & French Cocktail Bars

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Come to Cafetal Social Club pre-date, post-date, or just for your date. Whether you feel like coffee, ice cream, Italian food or whatever else, something about this place feels like home. From the staff to the regulars, everyone feels peaceful here. Originally opened in the late 1940’s, Cafetal Social Club was used as a meeting place for G.I.s returning home from World War II to socialize, play cards and drink espresso. And it still feels like that.

After dinner, enjoy similarly trendy vibes at Sel Rrose. This French-inspired cocktail bar is minimalist and boho-chic all at once, with a combination of weathered brick and cement walls, a narrow, industrial warehouse design, and a pastel pink entrance that steals the show. As a finishing touch, their craft cocktails harness a twee level of elegance, where even the names jibe with the local culture (see: Lavender Piscine, White Rose, and Pistachio Rouge). There’s a timelessness here that belongs as far back as 20th century Paris as it does modern-day New York.

Cafetal Social Club

285 Mott Strreet, Manhattan

Sel Rrose

1 Delancey Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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