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Upper West Side

This Underground Lounge on the UWS Is Sexy As Hell

  • Dessert
  • Drinks

Start date night on the Upper West Side at farm-to-table Italian restaurant 'Cesca. With a menu that offers a modern twist on classic Italian flavors, made with the freshest ingredients in an open kitchen, each plate takes you on a culinary journey where "sight, texture, smell and taste are all part of the experience". The food is honest and uncomplicated with strong, clearly defined flavors and the ambiance strikes the perfect balance of bustling yet intimate and tranquil. This meal will be one for the ages.

After dinner, head over to the romantic Shalel Lounge for your nightcap—an underground lounge lit almost solely by candles and lanterns with enough decorative throw pillows for you and your love to cozy up in together. With the smell of vanilla essence in the air, scattered rose petals around you and the sounds of their indoor waterfall (we’re so serious), this promises the sultry, sensual date your hearts desire.


164 West 75th Street, Manhattan

Shalel Lounge

65 West, 70th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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