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Queens Has Its Own Tropics, Fruity Frozen Drinks And All

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Located in the heart of Queens on a stretch of Chinese markets and kosher Middle-Eastern restaurants, Cheburechnaya—which is kosher itself—delivers Russian and Middle Eastern flavor to patrons from all over the tri-state area. Started by two brothers, Isak and Simon, Cheburechnaya specializes in chebureks, deep-fried dough stuffed with either meat, mushrooms, potatoes, or cabbage. Rounding out the menu is a wide selection of international dishes, from rice pilafs featuring beef and onions to borscht and babaganoush. While the décor leaves little impression, the flavors prove unforgettable.

When you finish stuffing your faces, take the night up a notch at Tropix Bar and Lounge. True to its name, you’ll find a solid selection of frozen alcoholic beverages. Fine with us. Try the Tropix sangria, the bar’s signature drink featuring Hennessy, Grand Marnier, and fresh fruits. Save room for wings or some fries to act as a vessel for a whopping twenty-eight different dipping sauces, including habanero honey mustard and garlic parmesan.


9209 63rd Drive, Queens

Tropix Bar and Lounge

9532 Queens Boulevard, Queens

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Like what you see?

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