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Pick this Homey Polish Spot for Delicious Fare and then Head to a Bar That is All About Brews

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Tonight combines charm with chill, and it all starts at Christina’s. With a homey, lived-in look and charming Polish influences—from the need-to-eat Hungarian pancakes and Bavarian-style pig knuckles to the cozy mom and pop aesthetic—this place will do date night proud for sure. They’ve got amazing Polish platters, authentic pierogies (get them with their ridiculously delish plum sauce), and sweet-or-savory blintzes that are too good to miss. The rest of date night is going to be heavy on the beer, but that shouldn’t stop you from pre-gaming with Christina’s one and only authentic Polish brew on the menu: Zywiec.

Afterward, head over to Brouwerij Lane for some brews. A super casual bar that offers up craft beer selections in serve-yourself coolers, this spot is ideal for winding down among upbeat company and low-key vibes. Whether you’re all about the scattered artwork on the walls, the quirky bodega-style aesthetic, or even their keg-stacked bathroom, you’ll absolutely dig these digs. If you’re having trouble settling on one of their many brews, we reccomend asking for some guidance becasue the selection does change pretty frequently.


853 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Brouwerij Lane

78 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

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