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West Village

Dinner At A Revamped Speakeasy, Drinks At A Bar Lit By Candles

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Tonight begins at Chumley's in the West Village. A revamped speakeasy from the 1920s, this spot now serves elevated new American food in cozy, low-lighting digs. The original bar was established in 1922 by socialist activist Leland Chumley, who converted a former blacksmith's shop into a Prohibition-era drinking establishment. Writers like E.E. Cummings, William Faulkner, and John Steinbeck were all patrons. It's also rumored that the term "86" originated here. "When the cops would very kindly call ahead before a raid, they'd tell the bartender to '86' his customers, meaning they should scram out the 86 Bedford door, while the police would come to the Pamela Court entrance" (Jef Klein). Go and soak up the history.

The Otheroom brings the candlelit, sexy vibes for the second half of your date night. Cozy and romantic, this bar keeps things intimate and dark, so sink into the plush seats and enjoy the excellent wine selection, and more importantly, each other. When we say it’s dark in here, we mean that candles are basically the only source of light. Will you need your cell phone light for a closer look at the menu? Probably. But does the sultry lighting up the romance? Most definitely.


86 Bedford Street, Manhattan

The Otheroom

143 Perry Street, Manhattan

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