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This Basement Speakeasy Is Basically A Jungle Terrarium

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An upscale blend of Korean BBQ and American Steakhouse makes Cote, a smoky, sultry spot where USDA prime beef is the move. With the $54 prix-fixe—aka The Butcher’s Feast—you and your love each acquire four select cuts of beef, a couple of banchan sides, scallion salad, a savory egg soufflé, two different kinds of stew and a soothing caramel soy soft serve to send you off. The dim lighting and sleek, dark design make this space one for slow-burning romance.

Your experience with Cote only gets bigger, badder and better with a quick steal over to its basement speakeasy, Undercote. This subterranean bar features the ambient glow of leafy, luscious plants glowing behind its glass-plated walls for literal jungle-like surroundings. You and your person can sip on provocatively-made cocktails while experiencing the cool thrill of being in an actual terrarium. It’s sexy, it’s eclectic, and it’s the unforgettable follow up a red meat meal needs.


16 West 22nd Street, Manhattan


Basement of 16 West 22nd Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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