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Upper West Side

Learn Something New With Your Person At This Creative Date Night

  • Class
  • Drinks
  • Food

The Cooking Place at the Fairway Market holds couples cooking classes that will teach you everything you need to know about the cuisine of the night. It's a great date night idea where you'll learn something new. A night out that's both memorable, delicious and leaves you with impressive cooking skills? A winner in our book. Be sure to check out what's on and book in advance.

Next, continue the night at Beacon Bar, the perfect post-dinner spot in the swanky lobby of the Beacon Hotel. While the inside is sophisticated enough, if it’s a nice night, there’s always outdoor seating available. Couple that with the occasional live music and it's dynamite. The drink menu is what you’d expect from a somewhat upscale hotel bar, meaning there’s plenty to choose from—and prices are closer to what you normally pay for lunch. Cheers!

Couple's Night at Fairway Market

Fairway Market 74th Street, 2131 Broadway, Manhattan

Beacon Bar

2130 Broadway & 75th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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