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Murray Hill

Get A Fancy Dinner Then Take Your Leftovers To This Chill Bar

  • Drinks
  • Food

Covina adds a delectable artisan twist to all-time Mediterranean faves like pizza and pasta. Dishes range from tender meatballs to gooey grilled cheeses, and big portions ensure that you and your boo will be feeding each other romantic bites all night. Whether it’s spicy honey pizza or wood oven roasted cauliflower (both of which we highly recommend), your cravings for these basic staples will not only be satisfied but exceeded.

Keep the night’s laid-back vibes alive and head over to Albion Bar, where a rich selection of craft beers awaits, and the BYOF—bring your own food—policy means you can take out your Covina leftovers without shame (in fact, it’s encouraged). This low-key gem is rarely crowded, and the outdoor patio, complete with a toasty fireplace, means intimate drinks and conversation with your one and only sans rowdiness or interruption.

Covina in the Park South Hotel

127 East 27th Street, Manhattan

Albion Bar

575 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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