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Upper West Side

Go Explore The T-Rex, Mummies & More At The Museum of Natural History

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Crave Fishbar is a locally caught seafood restaurant that has two locations in Manhattan—one in Midtown East and one on the UWS. Tonight, we’re recommending the latter. Their branding works because the next time you want a good piece of fish or a banging oyster happy hour, you’ll crave Crave. Their average entrée goes for around $30, so anticipate a pricier bill. Then again, splitting a few appetizers is always a good idea in our book.

Then see pre-historic sea animals (starting to get our theme?) at The Museum of Natural History. We recommend checking out the new special exhibit on the T-Rex in the world-famous Fossil Halls. Or if you're into space, go to the new Worlds Beyond Earth exhibit. But then again, you can always just go see the mummies. They never get old. And neither does that joke.

Crave Fishbar

428 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

Museum of Natural History

Central Park West & 79th Street, Manhattan

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Like what you see?

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